Thursday, March 24, 2016

Collecting research data is my hobby.

In the photo above, you will see one of my USB flash drives. It is a 16 gb flash drive. I have been collecting research data, mainly secondary data; however, I do have some primary research data in my collection too. I create folders for my data. I have made several back ups for my research data as a way of ensuring that I do not lose any of this data. I use PDF files for the research data I have and still am collecting.

I would say that this is a hobby and it is part of my independent research work too. Through my research into hobbies, I have learned that one can gain knowledge and skills through hobbies. These would be classed as transferable skills. When I first began my collection, I did not know about data collection. I believe I was naturally drawn to this activity. I have hundreds of research files stored onto my storage devices. I am adding to this collection on an ongoing basis. I study the research files and I make connections between the various files in my collection. This can be a rewarding experience. For example, one of my new proposed business venture ideas came into being as a result of my data collection practices: Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI:

I did not set out to create WOTRI, it just happened. New discoveries can be made through basic research endeavours. This was certainly the case when it came to the birth of WOTRI. I have been learning many things through my hobby. As mentioned earlier, I did not start my hobby with the intention of making financial gains. In regard to learning, I have learned a lot about personal development during my research pursuits. I noticed that research isn't one of the hobbies listed in web site Google searches. The closest things I could find to research were reading and writing. I hope more people consider undertaking research as a hobby. My hobby doesn't cost too much to participate in. I am paying for my broadband service as it is. I do most of my research online. However, I do use library books too. In the photo below, you will see a gentleman displaying his collection of vinyl records. This type of a hobby requires quite a lot of physical space. I am not knocking this hobby by the way. What I am saying though is that research file collecting does not take up much physical space at all. It is environmentally friendly too.

In the photo above, you will see an example of PDF files that have been stored onto a PC hard drive.
These files do not take up physical space as they are stored in your PC, and/or external storage devices. When I attend social and/or business events, I will slip my unique hobby into the conversation/s I am having. I can also show people one of my USB flash drives and highlight the plus point that this hobby does not involve much in the way of a financial outlay to participate in. The other plus point is that it does not clutter up your home or office with space taking physical products.

Here is a link to a web which specializes in hobbies.

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