Friday, February 5, 2016

New applications for Portmag - Portable Magnetic Keyholder.

I bought a new Portmag keyholder a few days ago. You can see it above. It is the one which is sticking to my fridge. If you look carefully, you will notice that my key ring has two split rings on it. I bought some new split rings through E bay. I found that the original split ring was too thick and heavy. Whenever I used to use the original split ring on Portmag, I found that the ring was joining to the magnet in quite a violent way. I therefore decided to use the new split rings instead. The choice is yours.

Portmag is my invention. One of the definitions of the term 'invention,' is: A new use for an existing material. The actual product is a neodymium magnet that has an epoxy coating applied to it. Hence the sleek look of the product. I was the first person in the world to have used the said product in the highly creative ways as described in my blog posts. I will provide a link to my original posting a little later in this article.

Portmag is a very strong magnet. It is small yet powerful. I was impressed with it's strength. I have found a source for Portmag. However, if you are interested in purchasing Portmag, please contact me directly.

The 2nd version of Portmag is the large metallic covered neodymium magnet as seen in the photographs above. In order for this version to work on a mortise plate of a door, you will need to check if the the mortise plate is big enough first.I usually take this version off as and when needed. It is not a permanent solution. Which happens to be one of the main benefits of Portmag.

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