Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What I think about Facebook 'for sale', selling groups.

I came to learn about Facebook 'for sale', selling groups while I was on my regular Facebook page. I investigated this area further and then I decided that I would like to create my own selling group page through Facebook.

I created my group selling page on December 23rd 2015. I chose the name, SOTRI digital download products for sale. I was given the option to choose my own url for the group. I was going to choose the whole name: SOTRI digital download products for sale. However, I was typing the text in a dimly lit room at home. I ended up with a typo: SOTRI digital downloadprd. I will provide a link to the group later in this post.

I had to stick with the above url. Once a unique url has been chosen and typed in, it cannot be changed. I will be more careful next time. What I gather from these groups is that sellers can sell items to people in their city or town. I will be selling my educational digital download PDF products and my e-consulting services through my page. I am so glad that I was allowed to sell these types of intangible digital products and services via Facebook. Some other platforms would not allow these types of products and services to be sold. These other platforms would only allow physical products to be sold through their sites. Or, they would ask that sellers place their digital goods such as e-books, software, digital art etc, onto USB flash drives or digital data CD's or DVD's etc before selling the products on their web sites. 

My group selling page can cater to people in my own geographic area and it can also cater to people across the globe. This is because my products and services can be delivered online via the internet. The Facebook selling groups are very easy to set up. I hope that more people start selling their digital products such as software, music, digital art, e-books, PDF files, e-consulting, e-coaching, e-recruiting, online training etc through Facebook selling groups. I foresee more of these types of products and services listed for sale through Facebook selling groups over the course of time. It is free to set up a Facebook selling page. I am sure it will stay this way.

I am impressed with the Facebook selling group pages. These pages can help would be entrepreneurs who are strapped for cash, to get their ventures off the ground. I have had problems with my business web site recently. This site wasn't through Facebook. The great thing about Facebook pages is that they are very unlikely to have service problems, not be up and running etc. Here's a link to my page:


  1. In my post above, I forgot to list e-learning. I sense e-learning solutions will also be offered through Facebook sales group pages.

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