Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Online activism and e-businesses can indeed be very effective.

I will be doing some online activist work via my web sites. I am new to activism. However, I have been doing some activist work online for a few years now without even realizing I was doing activist work.

I don't know why online activism does not get the recognition that it deserves. Terms such as 'slacktivism', 'armchair activists', and other derogatory terms are given to online activism. If many people around the world were to do such work, surely there would be some positive results manifesting themselves.

Just because this work is done by using clicks of a keyboard, does not make it any less 'real'. If used properly, online activism can be a powerful tool for change. It can reach many more people around the world as many people across the world have internet access.

I would like to ask the people that say online activism is not real, whether they use Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google Plus, and whether they buy things online via sites such as Amazon, E bay etc. The aforementioned businesses are all run online. They are e-businesses. I am sure that the critics in mention, would say that they do use the e-businesses that I had listed in my question. They probably use quite a few e-businesses for their purchases. Why the hypocrisy then?

I aim to show that online activism and e-businesses, are in fact 'real' and that they do in fact, work. I think the critics look upon physical, brick and mortar businesses, and physical brick and mortar activist organizations, as being 'real'. The critics need to get with the times. Technology will only keep improving over time.

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