Monday, May 25, 2015

I, Anand Sule, am available to work as an Independent Contractor - IC.

I am currently seeking work on a part time basis for 16 or more hours per week. My previous job, a part-time job, ended in March 2015. I have worked as an independent contractor for an e-learning and training company during my time in the silicon valley area of California, Sunnyvale. I had also worked in the same capacity (independent contractor), for a high-tech publishing company in Mountain View, California.

An independent contractor is a person or a company that performs a task for someone else on a contractual basis and not as an employee.

I have extensive experience in telemarketing, inside sales and lead generation. More recently, I have gained skills in qualitative research and secondary or desk research. I have some experience with primary research as well. I had to conduct research when I wrote my book, my e-book, my articles and blog posts, Google plus posts and Facebook page posts. While living in the silicon valley, I picked up on some of the creative and entrepreneurial energies in that area. I have brought these energies back with me here in the UK. 

I would be available to work in my local geographic area and I could also work as an e-consultant for companies based across the globe. ( This is why I placed my e-consulting logo into this post )

Commonly known as consultants, freelancers, and self-employed, independent contractors are individuals who are hired to do a particular job, receiving payment only for the work being done. Independent contractors are business owners, and are not their client's employees.

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One of the biggest advantages for employers hiring independent contractors is the fact they they will not need to pay the contractor any health benefits. In some jobs, the employer does not have to supply the contractor with equipment or tools either. 

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