Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Facebook and Google had helped me with my DIY Online Survey.

Last week I completed an online survey I was creating for my School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI web site. I usually write my work on regular paper first. Once I am satisfied that the written project I am working on is fine, I then create PDF or other types of electronic documents for these projects. I will work on using electronic formats for my written project drafts from now on moving forward.

This is one of the first surveys I have created. I would classify this as a DIY research project. The survey I had created contained eleven yes or no questions. It was not an easy task to come up with suitable questions. However, I know that I can and will get better at this endeavour over the course of time. I could have used an established company for the creation of my survey. I chose to do it myself. In the old days, I would had to have used a paper based solution for my survey. I like my online survey due to the fact that I do not need to use a physical paper survey for this project. I am saving trees and the environment through my survey method. I asked respondents to send me the completed survey data via e-mail.

I thank Facebook and Google for their help.

Did you like the e-recruiter logo by the way? I will be implementing a hybrid blend of e-recruiting as part of my work. I thank Facebook for their help with this project. I e-mailed a couple of my Facebook friends in order to invite them to participate with my survey. They kindly agreed. One of the friends in mention had sent me the completed survey data via my Facebook e-mail.

I thank Google for having created Blogger. I placed my survey plus the instructions on how to complete the survey into blog posts I had typed up. I sent these links to the survey participants. I have placed my blog post onto my Google plus page as well. I also thank Google blogger for the fact that my survey posts and my other posts can all show up through Google searches. This way, I can have a large number of people participating in my survey without me having to search them out.

Here's a link to the survey post.


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