Friday, March 13, 2015

Sole trader, Sole Proprietor businesses with a global customer base.

I was researching the topic of sole trader/sole proprietor businesses to see if such businesses could have global reach and a global customer base. I would say that they can. It depends, however on what type of business is being operated.

My proposed sole trader business deals with digital products and services, consulting, training and coaching services. I may also offer select physical tangible products for sale in the future. One of these products would be the RI 22 Smart Pills. My business model would primarily be e-based.

Here is some info on sole trader businesses.

Can cater to the needs of local people - a small business in  a local area can build up a following in the community due to trust.

As a sole proprietor you can operate any kind of business as long as you are the only owner. It can be full-time or part-time work. This can include:

A one person consulting firm

My business would fall under the above definition.

Here are a few definitions for community.

A community lets people who share a common interest communicate with one another.

Virtual communities are an example of a large and extended community.

Since the advent of the internet, the concept of community has less geographical limitation, as people can gather virtually in an online community and share common interests regardless of physical location.

I am offering my services via my facebook f-commerce site. Facebook is a social networking site and it is also somewhat of an online community. When reading the above definitions for the term community, you can see that the business community can have a massive global reach thanks to internet technology.

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