Monday, July 7, 2014

Creating a Knowledge Base is a Worthwhile Investment.

In this post, I will be giving insight into a new and enlightening perspective I have gained for knowledge bases.

Here is a definition of a Knowledge Base.

A knowledge base is a centralized repository for information.

Here are a couple of definitions of the term 'Investment'.

A devoting, using, or giving of time, talent and emotional energy, etc, as for a purpose or to achieve something.

Investment in time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits actualized within a specified date or time frame.

I use the following devices to store my knowledge base into: External hard drives, DVD's, CD's, USB flash drives. I place articles and other pieces of information into my knowledge base. I create folders such as Research, My ideas etc. I am adding to the research folders on an ongoing basis. I study the research folder and other folders regularly. This is a good practice. I have spotted new things which I had previously missed, when I spend time studying my research files. Whenever I get new ideas through my studies, I make sure that I document these ideas and place them into the 'my ideas' folder. I back my folders up into the various storage devices I own. These ideas can blend in with other ideas in order to come up with a whole new idea based upon analysis of past data. In other words, as you keep adding to your knowledge base, new and powerful ideas will materialize.

When you think about it, the storage devices mentioned above, do not cost too much money. However, the data which can be stored in these devices can become future gold mines.I have been collecting articles and other forms of data for quite a few years now. I only recently found out about 'data collection'. I had implemented a form of data collection without consciously being aware of it. I usually store text based articles into my knowledge base. However, I have also started to add videos, audio files etc as well. I have come up with some creative business ideas through the work I have put into my knowledge base. If these ideas succeed, it will testify to the fact that gold can truly be discovered through knowledge bases. Knowledge bases are not limited to business alone. The sciences, arts and other fields can also benefit from the creation of knowledge bases.

I found an interesting segment from a research web site:

Collection of data from secondary sources is a treasure hunt and we are  skilled researchers with an eye for diamonds.


In the past, great inventors, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, would document their ideas, prototypes etc into paper based journals or large note pads etc. Nowadays we are lucky enough to have the internet and storage devices which we can use instead of paper based knowledge bases. We are saving trees when we store our knowledge bases into electronic platforms. The other advantage to electronic storage is that this method does not take up too much physical space.

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