Sunday, October 27, 2013

Facebook pages and F commerce - Facebook web sites.

I believe facebook has great potential as an e commerce platform. The fact that facebook has over 1 billion users is food for thought when it comes to envisioning the potential for f commerce. A few months ago, in my local area, there were some road works in progress. I noticed a large sign posted on the main street which provided more info on the road works situation. I was surprised to see that a facebook web site was listed as the web site to contact if anyone wanted further information and updates etc.

I had contacted the above facebook page to ask them why they had chosen to use a facebook page instead of a regular web site. They told me that they were impressed with the functionality of facebook and at how easy it was to create facebook pages. Facebook pages can be accessed just like a regular web site. They are also available to be viewed around the world by anyone with internet access, just like regular web sites. Facebook pages are also very easy to update.

Last week I bought a bottle of Budweiser from my local shop. I read the label and I was taken aback when I noticed a facebook page listed on the label instead of their main web site. The label read: ' join us at', and then the facebook web address was listed. Through my research, I recognized that facebook pages can be of benefit to small businesses which are just starting out and/ or that are not generating huge amounts of revenue.

I have a facebook web site which has my digital products and services available for purchase. I have recently opened a facebook page for one of my new projects: RI 22 Smart Pills. I did not have the funds to create a separate web site for this new project. I therefore decided to create a facebook page instead. In this page, I have placed my facebook web site address as a contact web site. I have listed one of my consulting services related to RI 22 for sale in my facebook web site. These two pages compliment each other. I have to say also that I am impressed with google. When I type in: RI 22 smart pills or RI 22 pills, through Google, my facebook page comes up on the first page under the first few headings. When the page comes up, RI 22 smart pills comes up first and then the rest of the facebook url appears.

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