Thursday, January 30, 2014

My New Product/Invention: Portmag Keyholder.

I came up with a unique idea for a magnetic keyholder in 2011. I recently decided to actualize this idea and to turn the idea into a tangible, physical product: Portmag Keyholder - Portable Magnetic Keyholder. Here are a few photos of Portmag:

It is not always a good idea to store your house keys in one set place. If one day you accidentally place your keys in a different spot without being aware of it, you will have lost your keys. This would mean that you would gain stress and you would lose valuable time looking for your keys. Portmag is a backup solution for key storage. I used to place my keys solely in my bedroom. I found this quite limiting and time consuming. I have and I still do occasionally order items online. I have visitors on occasion also. In the past, if I had a delivery, or if I had visitors, I would had to have gone into my bedroom to find my keys. Now, I can place my keys onto my Portmag product which can be placed on my fridge, the mortise plate on either one of the doors closest to my front door. This makes answering my door quicker and more efficient. Portmag does what the product name says it can do: It is a portable, magnetic keyholder.   

Here are some benefits and features of Portmag:

  • Portmag is a neodymium magnet with a black covering (Which can protect painted surfaces)
  • No need for set up or installation etc
  • Just stick it to the place of your choosing and you're set
  • The black coloring makes it easier to spot
  • You will be less likely to lose your keys
  • It is a good idea to have different places to store your keys at
  • Portmag can stick to metal mortise plates on doors, it can stick to a fridge (You can see a mortise plate in one of the above photos)
  • The human brain associates doors with keys
  • If you place Portmag on one of your doors, you will be able to find the keys quickly
Neodymium magnets are very strong. You will have to be a bit careful when you place the Portmag onto a mortise plate or a fridge. I have some more info on Portmag in PDF format. If you would like to read the PDF, please contact me and I will be more than glad to e-mail the file over to you.  

Here is a link to my Facebook ATO Consulting store link to Portmag:

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