Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My new Facebook page for my RI 22 Smart Pills concept.

I opened a new Facebook page for my RI 22 Smart Pills concept on May 13th 2013. I do not have the funds to create a new web site for RI 22 and so I therefore opted for the Facebook page instead.
I liked the fact that I was able to choose my own unique facebook URL. It's similar in ways to having a unique domain name. That's how I see it at least. The facebook pages function like web sites to some extent. These pages can be accessed worldwide by anyone with internet access and they can have their own unique URL's as mentioned above.

I placed my facebook website URL into the info page for my RI 22 smart pills page. These two facebook pages can help each other. They can work as a team with a common cause. I am also impressed with the fact that visitors accessing the site do not have to have a facebook account in order to view the info in the facebook page. They can also visit the facebook web site if their interest has been piqued. The added advantage of the facebook web site is that visitors do not have to have a facebook account in order to gain access to the web site either. These facebook pages and websites can also help to attract new facebook users. Which in turn, helps to increase the facebook user base.

Another impressive benefit of facebook pages is the fact that the page or pages can come up in the first page under Google searches. For example, when I typed in RI 22 Smart Pills through Google, my facebook page was found in the first page on about the fifth entry down. The page was listed with the words RI22 Smart Pills and then the facebook name. In other words, the highlighted focus words for this search were: RI 22 Smart Pills.

The fact that facebook has over 1 billion users is impressive to say the very least. Facebook pages and facebook websites can be easily shared among facebook users. These pages and websites can grow virally as a result of facebook referrals and recommendations. I read a few days ago that many businesses are receiving more exposure and visitors to their facebook pages instead of their regular websites. This is all food for thought. Here is a link to my new facebook page:


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