Monday, June 17, 2013

Christina Robinson, an actress worthy of more attention.

While living in Sunnyvale California several years ago, I did some amateur model and talent scouting for a talent scout in San Jose, California. I have always been interested in movies and talent in general. I can spot talent and I can sense the potential in actors and actresses. Actors and actresses not only provide us with entertainment, they can also be role models and conveyors of important social messages. After all, they are in the public spotlight and they are seen by many people.

Here are a couple of photos of Christina Robinson:


One actress whose performance I have been very impressed with recently is Christina Robinson. Christina acts in the hit show Dexter, which airs on Showtime. In the show, Christina portrays Astor Bennett, the step daughter of the main character, Dexter Morgan. Dexter originally aired in 2006 and it is sadly coming to an end after it's eighth season, which premieres on June 30th 2013. In the show, we have seen Christina growing up from a young girl into a teenager. Christina has acted well in every episode she has appeared in. However, in my opinion, she has provided us with stellar performances in Dexter season 5 episode 1, Dexter 5 episode 9 and Dexter 7 episode 8.

In Dexter 5 episode 1, Astor  learns of her mother's death after returning from vacation. She displayed a vast range of emotions in these scenes. For an actress of such a young age, Christina is blessed with noteworthy natural talent. In general, Astor has been portrayed as a straight laced and proper girl. However, in Dexter 5 episode 9, 'Teenage Wasteland', Astor has grown or evolved into a rebellious, punk like character with sensitivity and raw emotion. Some of her facial expressions, things she said were priceless. In Dexter 7 episode 8, 'Argentina', Astor has grown into a beautiful young lady. In this episode, Astor has become a pot smoker and she has verbal tussles with her brother in the show, Cody.

After watching these shows, I sense Christina has great potential as an actress. Casting directors and movie, powers to be, should watch the above episodes and see for themselves, the talent and potential which Christina has the capacity for. Christina could have been cast for shows such as ' The Vampire Diaries', 'Helmlock Grove'. Likewise, Christina could have acted in the Twilight movies or movies along those lines, plus she could act in a variety of different roles. The sky is the limit for Christina.

Actresses such as Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Lawrence have become movie stars after acting in tv shows. Dakota Fanning acted in ER and in the Steven Spielberg show, 'Taken' in 2002. Dakota received three movie parts in 2002. I am sure this happened in part as a result of her performance in the 'Taken' tv show. Jennifer Lawrence began her acting career in the tv show, 'The Bill Engvall show'. Christina has acted in the hit show 'Dexter,' and I sense too that she can also achieve success in motion pictures.

Here are two links to videos from Christina Robinson's Youtube page:

The first video was created by Christina and her friends. It is not from the show Dexter. This short video displays Christina's youthful and exuberant personality. I can foresee Christina acting in MTV shows and shows from different genres also. She has numerous talents.

I thank my friend Jason who lives in Los Angeles, California and my other friend David who resides in San Jose, California. Jason and David have helped to re-ignite my interest in talent promotion once again. The cool wording logo for Christina Robinson was designed by my graphics guy Mr Keen.

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