Thursday, July 9, 2009

Consultation and Training as a Solution to Global Financial Problems:

Consultation and Training as a Solution to Global Financial Problems: by Anand V Sule, edited by Nick Brookes

I believe that some of the current global financial situations can be improved or resolved through the use of creative, innovative consulting and training solutions. This unique solution can be replicated and it can work in most countries of the world.

The most successful consultants from diverse fields such as finance, business, marketing and technology should come together in a think-tank, and collaborate on solutions that are achievable and beneficial to everybody. The objective for the proposed think tank would be to solve some of the financial problems and problems that remain or may arise in the future. There are solutions to these problems - it will be the job of these consultants to find these solutions. This solution may sound simple - some of the most powerful solutions have been discovered through simple straightforward ideas.

We need to improve and re-invent business models that are no longer working, and to create new, innovative business models to replace those that are not functioning in the current economic climate. I foresee that these two areas can help to alleviate some of the financial troubles that we face on a global scale. Creating new businesses will stimulate the economy and create new jobs.

The world’s top entrepreneurs should help to train, advise and mentor potential entrepreneurs. We have not seen new businesses like Microsoft, HP, Apple or the UK's Virgin come into existence for many years. Why is this? I believe that this is because the entrepreneurial genius such as that of Bill Gates has not been encouraged, developed or nurtured in aspiring entrepreneurs, from all age groups and backgrounds.

The solutions to the problems are: Knowledge and Information.
Knowledge and Information are the keys to opening the doors to financial growth. Preparing for change is another area which we should focus on. We should be able to forecast and predict what our future financial climates will be like. Being prepared for these situations will only benefit us. Many times, when businesses are doing well, they begin to spend more than they should. These businesses are under the impression that their revenues will continue to grow or at least stay even. Such businesses should learn to spend within their means – the current climate shows that many businesses did not have such contingency plans in place.

I know the unique, creative and innovative consulting and training solutions can and will work for the situations covered in this article. You may ask how I can make this claim. The answer is: I have successfully used these methods for myself and for associates of mine. If these methods worked for us, they can undoubtedly work for you.

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