Thursday, July 16, 2009

Continous Development: My Interpretation of

We would switch our brain, mind, spirit and will, to the on position in our
aptitude or ability to learn from all sources. This capacity would not be
switched off until the end of our lives; with the learning happening at all
times unfalteringly, absorbing information and knowledge from experiences and any and all sources.

The majority of people believe that schools, colleges and universities are the only places where learning can be undertaken. However, we are now learning to realize that learning can happen at home, at work and out in the world at large. I set myself flexible schedules for my independent research, learning and training. I do not limit myself to these schedules though. I have gained insight and new ideas outside of my schedules on numerous occasions. I usually document these new insights and I follow up with them on the next day or sometimes I follow up with them at that particular time.

Information is part of knowledge. Information is anything that you are capable
of perceiving; it can include written and spoken communications, photographs, art and music; nearly anything that/which is perceivable.

Information includes an enormous amount of stimuli; everything we come into
contact with is capable of providing and does provide us with some sort of
information. Knowledge can be acquired by an individual through experience or

Therefore, in essence, one can constantly learn through formal education and
training, through self-tuition such as software packages, books and the
internet; from the media such as books, CDs, movies and television, or from
virtually any other experience. I believe that there could be more advances
made in the world if more people followed their own continuous development

In order to make the previously mentioned advances happen, we would have to
constantly search for opportunities to learn and we should then make it a point
to apply what we have learnt in the real world.

The continuous development concept can also apply to forging ourselves into
more powerful people. If a person can become the very best that they can be, if
they can realize their potential and learn to overcome their boundaries; these
people would be more likely to advance in their careers, be more innovative and
have greater contributions to society.

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