Monday, June 29, 2009

New Product Development/Personal Branding

Millions and Billions are spent worldwide in order to develop new technologies, products and services.

ATO Consulting is in the process of launching a new product: YOU!

Well, actually, there are a few products: The Consulting and Training solutions and You - the client.

ATO Consulting has developed a powerful Training and Consulting concept which can develop a person to become the very best that they can be. Upon completion of the Consulting and Training, the new, empowered, developed and improved person; will become a powerful asset to their company, their organization, their own business and society in general.

Of course, I know that we are much more than products. However, if we research new product development and personal branding, we will discover how some of these definitions can apply to us: They give us something to focus our energies upon. When we believe in a product or a brand, we then stand by that product or brand and represent it in a more powerful and effective way. Here are some defintions of new products and personal branding:

New product:

Anything capable of satisfying needs, including tangible items, services and ideas.

Personal Branding:

Personal branding is basically the way you market yourself to the world. Your personal brand is what other people think of you.

Your external brand:

Your external brand is how you project yourself to the world. There is an element of choice here. You can decide what to say or write in order to convey a certain image. Your projected image will influence what others think of you and how they might choose to interact with you.

In these troubled, global financial situations, we need to realize that we can exert a positive influence upon these situations. It is up to us to solve these pressing problems. One of the ways to solve these problems is through the application of the ATO Consulting and Training solution.

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