Wednesday, June 17, 2009

People who might benefit from the services of a consultant.

I will give some brief definitions of a consultant and what a consultant does. After
I have done this, I will then answer the question from the title of this article:

A consultant is a professional who sells his expertise in a specific area (or areas)
to clients, helping them identify problems and solutions and advising them on
possible courses of action.

Problem solving is a very powerful tool which can be of benefit to businesses,
individuals and groups. It is a skill which can and should be developed and improved
upon. Here are some definitions of problem solving:

It occurs when an organism does not know how to proceed from a given to a desired
goal state.

A series of decisions to resolve a situation.

Is process of identifying and analyzing problems, discussing them and arriving at
workable solutions which in turn can be evaluated and subsequently improved upon.

It is a life skill because once you have learned it you can use it repeatedly.

You can use it anyime you have a problem to solve or a goal to attain.

You can use problem solving at university, home and in the workplace.

Here is my input on problem solving:

Problem solving is a universally sought after tool. Problem solving is required in
business and in life in general. Consultants are excellent problem solvers.

Consultants teach and train the staff of an organization. They bring in new ideas to
the business. Make changes to the work process of the organization.

Consulting includes any kind of advice giving.

Mgt Consultants are cataysts for change.

Consultants introduce new ideas, concepts, and methods to mgt.

Consultants are available to help clients reach their fullest potential.

I believe that everyone can benefit from the solutions offered through a consultant
or a consulting firm. ATO Consulting offers business consulting, and a powerful,
new, unique Personal-Development consulting and training solution: The Remote
Influencer Consulting/Training solution. The Remote Influencer Consulting and
Training solution are based on the methods from my new book: The Remote Influencer
2. The Remote Influencer Consulting solution is similar to life coaching in some
ways. ATO consulting will be providing these services via the internet and/or the
phone and fax. ATO Consulting caters to both businesses and individuals.

ATO Consulting believes that consulting should not be considered a luxury. This is
why we offer our services at a very reasonable fee or fees. We have a passion for
our work and we genuinely enjoy seeing our clients benefit from our work.

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