Friday, March 9, 2018

My new fashion accessory creation: Wearable Chain Keyring - WCK.

I came up with the creative idea for a useful fashion accessory which has an edgy, industrial look to it: Wearable Chain Keyring - WCK. In the photo above, you will see the assembled product. I had timed myself a few days ago to see how long it would take for me to put WCK together. It took me 1 minute and 2 seconds to complete the task. I know I can improve upon that time with practice.

I have used WCK several times now. I like it because it saves me time from having to look for my keys whenever I have been out and I am returning to my place. When I go out, I used to place my keys in my jacket pocket or my backpack compartment. As mentioned, WCK saves precious time.

I typed up a copyrighted PDF on WCK. I had placed this PDF file into my Facebook closed membership group for Ato Consulting Dot com learning and development. It's free to join this group. Just send me a request to join and I will add you.

I have created a 3rd version of WCK. This version is the best one. I will provide a link which provides more info on the third version of WCK. It's from my Facebook page for Ato Consulting Dot com. Please check the comments section. I have added a photo of the new version of WCK plus I have written some more info on this new and improved version of the product.

Here's a link to version 3 of WCK.

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