Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Remote E-Selling services offered through Ato Consulting Dot com.

I am going to be adding a new service offering through my Ato consulting dot com business: Remote E-Selling. I am no longer running the web site atoconsulting.com. I still own the domain name though. Instead, I am running my business through Ato Consulting Dot com. I own the domain name atoconsultingdotcom.com. I am operating the Wordpress blog site for the aforementioned web url too.

I am not sure if I am the inventor of the term: Remote E-Selling, or not. I like the term however. It describes my service offering to a tee.

Here is a past blog post which explains why I had chosen to trade under the Ato Consulting Dot com name.


I have had extensive experience in telemarketing, inside sales and lead generation work. I had used the internet, e-mail, PDF and word file attachments, web links, the phone and fax in my previous inside sales jobs. I can now use Skype too and social media as well. Hence the Facebook business page logo for Ato consulting dot com up above. I have added a photo of the earth in this post. This signifies the fact that I can work with clients across the globe. I will be providing the Remote E-Selling services on an hourly paid rate, on a contract basis and/or on a commission only basis. - This would be identical to how sales agents, manufacturers reps work.

Remote E-Selling services include elements of E-consulting.

E-consulting simply means all communication is handled electronically. It's essentially a mix of phone consultations, e-mails, information sharing ( electronically sending data, images, documentation, and other information ), and analysis conducted at my office.



I've seen firsthand how effective a sales and marketing tool Facebook and Google plus can be. Links and information can be shared among many people with just a few clicks of a keyboard. Youtube is another powerful too which can be added to the Remote E-Selling service toolkit.

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