Sunday, November 27, 2016

Human Resources HR Learning and Development consulting through Ato Consulting Dot Com.

I recently opened a new Wordpress blog site for my Ato Consulting Dot Com boutique HR learning and development consulting firm. I had been running a Facebook F-commerce site for several years. I closed that site down due to a lack of business coming in. I have no complaints about Facebook web sites. In fact, I think that they have great potential. I might create a new Facebook web site again in the future. I am still running a Facebook group sales page for my digital download products and services. I have written about this page in a previous post.

Here are a few definitions of the term Human Resources HR.

William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary defines Human Resources as, "The people that staff and operate an organization … as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization."

Human resources evolved from the term, personnel, as the functions of the field moved beyond paying employees and managing employee benefits. The evolution of the HR function gave credence to the fact that people are an organization's most important resource.

People are an organization's asset. Employees must be hired, satisfied, motivated, developed, and retained.


Human resource management is a contemporary, umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization. Also called personnel or talent management (although these terms are a bit antiquated), human resource management involves overseeing all things related to managing an organization’s human capital.


As you can glean from the information above, people are the source of an organization's success or failure. The development of employees covers vast areas. It needs more importance attached to it. I have seen first hand how powerful Self Directed Learning can be. Once Remote Influencing (RI) has been added to Self Directed Learning, you will see how far an organization can excel. I have conducted extensive research to validate the aforementioned learning and development solutions. It is now my mission to share this knowledge with the world. 

Here is a link to my Wordpress blog site.

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