Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Facebook's potential as a learning platform.

Facebook has great potential as a learning platform. I run an online school through Facebook, School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI. I came to discover through my research, that I had been implementing a form of distance education via the aforementioned school page of mine. I have helped students from countries as far afield as Africa and the USA through this page. The students corresponded with me via Facebook e-mail and via their personal e-mail addresses in order to submit their assignments and to receive feedback, evaluation from me.

I have seen learning happening through regular Facebook personal pages too. For example, I have read quite a few interesting posts which my Friends had posted through their pages. I researched some of these topics in my own time as a result of having my curiosity tweaked.

A great example of learning via Facebook.

I had signed up to an interesting personal development, spirituality, self-help page through Facebook. The page is named 'The study of Reality'. It is run by a talented entrepreneur named Lisa Vaz. Lisa runs a few successful Facebook pages. I have seen some enlightening videos through The study of reality page. Lisa and some of her group members have submitted their videos too. This page is quite new. However, it already has over 600 members. I envision more and more educational services being offered through Facebook over the course of time. Here is a link to the 'Study of Reality'

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