Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Copywriting. I am developing my skills in this area.

The above is a new ad I had created for my RI 22 Smart Pills product. I have not received formal education or training in copywriting. However, it is an area in which I believe I can excel. I like to write and I am a very creative thinker. Research is another passion of mine. I am somewhat of an analytical thinker too. In regard to research, I lean more towards qualitative research. I believe in the power of words. I draw power from words, descriptions of things, products and ideas etc. It is as though I can almost create a visual picture through analyzing words. 

When I came up with the above ad, I tried to cut down on writing too many words. It was not an easy task. I wanted the words I chose to capture what my product is about, and of course to create interest in the product at the same time. I highlighted the fact that RI 22 is an internet created product. I will be focusing on this aspect of RI 22. This will be the selling point for RI 22. If you noticed, I mentioned internet twice in the ad. I created the RI 22 product and I have been using it for several years now. This is what RI 22 has done for me:

I came up with the idea for this product via internet research. I have created a Facebook business page for RI 22. In this page, I have freely given info and some instructions on how people can make their own RI 22 smart pills from home. The word can spread about this product via the internet. Customers / clients can receive instruction on how to make these pills via the internet. Payments can also be done via the internet. I have just confirmed what my ad had said: RI 22 is an internet created smart pill.

I have written a book, an e-book, over 23 business articles, with more to come. I manage two Google blogs, a Google plus business page, I also manage 4 Facebook business pages. I own a business web site too. I came up with a unique learning and development solution in 2009. What I have described here is the 'increased productivity' and 'quality of work,' benefit I had written about in the above ad of mine. 

I hope you like the analysis of my ad. As mentioned above, I use RI 22 myself and I stand by the info in my ad. When I reflected upon my past experiences, I recall how I had created ads for special events I had created. I believe I was inclined towards copywriting from a long time back,

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