Saturday, August 10, 2013

Research is something which we can all participate in.

I have incorporated Remote Influencing (RI) into my consulting and learning, training solutions. RI enhances just about everything we are working on. I developed my RI system through a process of research and self directed learning, self experimentation etc. I am continually adding to the RI body of knowledge on a perpetual basis. My research will continue throughout my life. My RI body of knowledge is not set in stone and it has no boundaries and limitations.

Here are some definitions and views for the term 'research'.

  • Research is about establishing facts.
  • Research can take over your life.
  • Can be done in many ways.
  • Research uses everyday skills.
  • Research can lead you in unexpected directions.
  • Is a form of learning. Opens us up to new ways of learning.
  • Can be used in any job.
  • Is a never ending process.
  • Reading a factual book of any sort is kind of research. Surfing the internet or watching the news is also a type of research.
  • Research is a diligent search.

Basic or pure research.

Pure research, basic research, is research carried out to increase understanding of fundamental principles. It is not intended to yield immediate commercial benefits; pure research can be thought of as arising out of curiosity. However, in the long term it is the basis for many commercial products and applied research.

Basic research lays the foundation for future discoveries. The internet had originally started out as a basis research project. Yet, it has become one of the greatest inventions of all time. Inventors are well known for their insatiable curiosity. As you can see from the above definition for basic research, curiosity plays a big part in basic research. Curiosity is what drives scientists, inventors and even entrepreneurs. We are all born with it. However, as we become older, we are usually advised to deviate from our natural curious nature. I have awakened my curiosity and hope that you too can awaken this within yourself as well. It's a worthwhile endeavour.

Research can lead to new discoveries, inventions, products, processes and improvement in countless areas. Research is not something which only academics and scientists can initiate. It can be done by anyone. I would not say that I am an expert researcher. However, I am continually developing. I gained proficiency through trial and error and through an accumulation of time. With time, people improve. I would say that results are another motivating factor for me to continue with my research. When I started to see things happening, I gained a new perspective on research. My motivation is intrinsic in essence. 

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