Friday, April 20, 2012

RI 22 Smart Pills: DIY, Home Made Smart Pills.

I use Remote Influencing to help create unique projects. Remote Influencing (RI), can enhance learning potentials within people. I have conducted some research into smart pills and nutritional supplements, and this research lead to the creation of  the RI 22 concept. The idea behind RI 22 is to show people how they can create their own smart pills from the comfort of their own homes.

Here are a couple of photos of my finished RI 22 Smart Pills:

I generally use size 0 and size 00 empty gelcapsules for my smart pills. The blue and white pill is size 0 and the larger pill is size 00.

This project can be done from start to finish via the internet. I conducted some research in the areas of nutrition and how certain nutrients could enhance the mental abilities in people. I also read books about this area. I ordered the empty gelcapsules online and I ordered the supplements and powders online. I can provide more info on the specifics upon request. Here are a couple of links to the Amazon Kindle report: How to MakeYour Own Smart Pills:

Here is a link to a PDF,digital downloadable version which is available via my Facebook web site:

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