Monday, June 13, 2011

Self Directed Learning and Personal Development

Self Directed Learning is growing exponentially and this growth will continue over the next few years and beyond. The internet and other resources have made this possible. Social Networking sites such as Facebook and other similar platforms are adding to the growth and to the efffective ways in which self directed learning is being delivered and shared.

There seems to be a worldwide movement in the works also. This movement promotes self directed learning and other forms of self-education. Blogs, wikis and other tools are being used to help people with their own self directed learning endeavors.

Self directed learning is something which can help non - traditional and traditional students to excel to new levels. SDL is about taking responsibility for one's own learning. Self directed learners are more likely to have the traits needed for success in fields as diverse as business, technology, science and the arts. In fact, SDL can benefit people from any field. Personal Development is another area which has great potential to transform mankind. I see personal development as education and I see education as personal development. They both compliment each other and they can help to improve the learning potential within us.

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