Friday, December 21, 2018

Wearable Chain Keyring - WCK version 3.

I have created a new version of WCK. I like this version the best. If you look at the photo of WCK above, look at the right hand side of the product. You will see a screw fit, threaded Carabiner lock. In the past, I used to attach the Carabiner end to my jeans loop. I decided against this as the Carabiner would not open. I had to have a repairman use his pliars to open the lock. I suggest buying a pair of pliers just to be on the safe side. The Carabiner gives WCK more of an industrial, rugged, urban and edgy look.

Here's a link to the video above. It's from Facebook page for Ato Consulting Dot com. I decided to add this link as I came to realize that the photo above does not play. It's a static image of the ultra short video I had made.[0]=68.ARCsXIMER581wsdrQRDNWTrJPBelRf7XVdBW_x2ZZizfvnYCF7KLKbYrZ1Vq9k21p6u-IByHnroBMESLc2s4vEwRC4fM7pdwW4hTjR_5xOgBr0h22S-ENiM8ZzABLzZHp-BsrvG5OlP2kqpmBICS-RK0YNUAtSASuiwJgDZ4L61OTRgBbhJAx4yOyOnBlWsA5AK8g8OjFO0EwvDxLbdJpU03N4rSQsCxjlKIlZ_Rzm0WkACviGw9pCTd64qnbiWSKs-aOCWbe2HTetZGED1y4R1O8zz25FDR56iFoPZXDhf-xbUruuZl1F35ByA_bMO-F9Dsgg_SraHNNKR4xk8Y6-bmxMQqz34ixlTW&__tn__=-R

I had used my Windows 10 drawing feature to add the text to the photo above. Did you like the short video clip above? I made creative use of my Windows `10 pc for this video.

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