Saturday, May 19, 2012

My New Facebook Store and Views on F Commerce.

I have recently opened a new Facebook store. I am excited by this new avenue. The term for Facebook stores is f commerce. I am glad to be part of this new and growing trend. I am pretty intuitive and I use my intuition in both my business and personal life. In regard to intuition an intuitive insights, I sense great opportunities with f commerce. My new web url for the Facebook store is highlighted in the grey and blue logo above. 

Usually, it is common to see physical, tangible products for sale through Facebook. My store is unique in some ways. This is because my store provides consulting and training services along with a few of my digital information products which are delivered via the web. In fact, all of my store offerings are provided via the internet.  I am sure we will see more of these types of services and products sold via Facebook store over time. I can provide more info on the provider I have used for my new site upon request.

I am going to actively pursue business through my new Facebook store. I feel different with this new site than I do with my other two web sites. Maybe this is because I created the new site myself. Facebook stores are generally cost effective to initiate and they are easy to set up. They also have the added feature of accepting payments for purchases. I aim to prove that one does not always need fancy, expensive, feature laden web sites in order to run successful e businesses. The other great thing about f commerce is the fact that Google facilitates the growth of f commerce. My Facebook site has appeared towards the top in the first page of Google searches. I also use Google as one of my research tools when I provide my consulting and training services and solutions. In case if my Facebook url is hard to read, here it is again:
One does not have to have a Facebook account in order to access the web site above. Once you get into the above site, please click on the red 'store' icon. This will then lead you into the site and the store. It's like a web site within a web site in some ways.


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  2. I have added a web link to my Facebook web site.